Are all Food blogs only about recipes?

Lately, I have been stumbling upon a lot food blogs. Stumbling? Hell, no. I have been devouring the Google internet search to find out good food blogs to get inspiration for my first post on this blog. But what do I get when I search for anything with a phrase ‘food blog’? Recipes… Recipes… More Recipes…

And that makes me wonder, are all food blogs just about recipes? I know food blogging is the next cool thing. Food bloggers seem to be like angels who are so good at clicking photographs that they can make my mouth water while sitting in front of this extra bright screen that literally gives pain to my eyes. They are so good at their profession that it makes me curse myself for not being gifted with an expertise in cooking and photography. The recipes seems to be perfected with such an effort that I wonder why God was partial to me and gave me just 24 hours in day. Those people must have had years in a day to try and try those difficult recipes until they came up with the perfect recipe they shared. Or maybe they are so good that they got the right one in the first try!

But then… look at me! What I have been saying? Recipes… Recipes… More Recipes… And how could anyone still expect me not to put forward a question like this: Are all Food Blogs only About Recipes?

Of course, there’s another reason why am I thriving this question in my little mind.  I have had wanted to start a food blog by myself but then look at me! I have no experience in the art of cooking & it seriously feels like a hell lot of time when I have to stand in the kitchen for even a minute. I remember myself never trying out the cake recipe I learnt through the cooking classes I took when I was a kid for I just didn’t want to waste the ingredients once again or come up with a piece of wet baked dough.

But I do want to start a food blog… But then Recipes? I have been through a large number of food blogs – famous and the infamous ones… and one thing I found common in all of them was that they all talked of recipes… as if food is just about the recipes. But isn’t that so? Isn’t food just about the recipe?

But what about the presentation? What about the story behind the food? What about the bits of information that are attached with each tini-tiny bit of food we get to eat? Isn’t it possible to talk about them? Isn’t it possible to talk of where all of that came from? Isn’t it possible to have a FOODoPEDIA?

Hell, yeah! It is possible and it needs to be there.

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