What is this website? Well, it’s an Indian Food blog. Keep reading to know the story of this Indian Food blog which is about food stories and experiences. Every foodie needs this blog. Trust me!

Hi there! I am Manpreet. Manpreet who? Manpreet – blogger, youtuber, marketeer.

Indian food blogger Manpreet

After doing an engineering degree, not trying to boast but I do like to throw my 84% B.Tech. degree on the faces of people who still think I am uneducated and that’s why I blog πŸ˜› and after getting job offers in five multi-national companies during campus placements, I decided to just do what I love – blogging, YouTubing and marketing.

I like to say that my journey began with FinixPost. It’s the blog that I created during my college time and it is the reason why I was able to turn down all those job offers and be the work from home professional.

I am a weird person overall. I love to read. I love to share my experiences. I love food, which is why I gained 25 kgs in last 2-3 years. I love making videos. I love dogs. And I get these weird ideas in my head like moving to an entirely new place just like that. I did that in 2016 when I moved to Delhi. Now, I am back at my hometown in Punjab. Next destination? Probably, Mumbai. But then who knows!

My Work aka My Resume

Tell me again, why am I presenting my resume to you? πŸ˜›


Honeslty, this is my baby. I started it with almost no sure vision and it still gave me that name, love, and money that I needed to term myself a moderately successful person. Well, this is very subjective. So far, I have been able to meet the goal of earning more than what the student with the highest package got from my batch. But then again, it’s a business. So, maybe next month I’ll be at rock bottom again but my several projects help me sustain, somehow. (To anybody reading thinking I have all that money I earned, please note that I am still always broke. Sad that while studying so much, I never got to learn the subject called – financial planning.)


I make book-related videos on this YouTube channel. With over 5k subscribers, it has given me more than I could wish for. I was one of the first people in the country who started a BookTube channel. It was a great decision!


I love daily vlogging and that’s why I make these random daily vlogs about my work from home in India lifestyle and my life as a dog parent, blogger, YouTuber and marketer.


(Brijraj.com) I’ve been working with them for four years (and counting). From a part time blogger to the marketing & operations head, the company has given me a lot and even though it’s still a work in progress, it’s one of my most loved projects.

Apart from that, I do take more marketing projects according to my mood. Seriously. My marketing services involve SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing and PPC.

This isn’t it. Told you, I have many more things and projects that I want to try out. It just makes me happy.

  1. A beauty channel – Β it’s here. But obviously, a work in progress.
  2. A fitness blog – I don’t want to run it actively. You see, you can very well figure out that I am not the right person to give anybody fitness advice. That’s why my partner in crime has agreed to work on it while I sit at the backend and manage the tech part of the blogging.
  3. I also want to start an e-commerce website soon. What will I sell? I don’t know but that’s the goal for 2018.

Lastly, I have FOOD JOURNAL.

I always wanted to talk about food. I always wanted to have my own Indian Food Blog. I did work for a long time on a U.S. based project related to food which added fuel to the fire of my passion to start an Indian food blog. Then, life happened. I finished college. I worked full-time to meet my financial goal and this got a backseat. But now I am back again!

I have found my vision and I know what I want to do – share food stories, my personal experiences with food and everything I know about it.

Hope you enjoy being a part of this blog πŸ™‚